Pulse of PENANG


Introducing the new epicentre for commerce, Penang International Commercial City (PICC). A visionary masterpiece, it is the new beacon in the North that represents Penang’s vibrant culture and cutting-edge ingenuity. From first-rate infrastructure, strategic connectivity to integrated convenience, PICC wil usher in a new age of global living.

Smarter &
Greener Living

Smart city concept built with cutting-edge technology that enhances convenience, safety and connectivity. Creative urban landscapes that connect the entire development to promote green living and wellness and integrated community by connecting bridges and pedestrian pathways.

Strategic location

Convenient access to amenities within 5 km with an easy access to highways, Penang Bridge, Airport, Industrial Parks and Convention Centre. Well-planned infrastructure with future traffic plan and LRT station.

The locale difference

PICC - Penang International Commercial City, proudly carries the name of Penang. The name provides the status and opportunity for PICC to be the new KLCC in the North, Penang.


PICC will combine Architecture, Landscape and Digital innovations to bring smarter luxury living and green lifestyles to the fore. Here, every lifestyle aspiration can be fulfilled right by your doorstep.